Wayne Elise is Eager to be Healthy – Talking about Talking

Many know Wayne Elise from The New York Times best seller The Rules of the Game. This might make him controversial to some.

Talking about talking is his trade.  He teaches people to be conversational artists and how to make friends with strangers.   

I consider Wayne a friend and mentor. He has learned much and shared some of these lessons with me. 


Wayne Elise

Wayne Elise is Eager to be Healthy

We talk about the end of his first marriage.  How Wayne keeps healthy. His new wife Erika and all the wonderful things she cooks. And how he is now more healthy and happy. 


Ingrid Dinter – Want to live must be greater than fear of death

I like fighters and I like lovers Ingrid Dinter is one that fights for the love of life and shes is my guest on this podcast.

From Ingrid Dinter – Want to live must be greater than fear of death


You know, when I was first told that there was a cancer recurrence, my first reaction was: “I don’t want to die!”
That was quick and immediate.
And it had both: a sense of self pity and huge fear.
Everybody would nod their head, everybody would tell me that they understand. And many people would give me an energy of “poor thing”. I noticed that this was keeping me stuck in fear and cluelessness.
And also: What a strange thing to say, as we ARE going to die eventually. So what’s the point of saying this as my big statement of commitment?
I realized that in order to find a way to really move on, I had to reframe:
“I want to live!”
And I am willing to do whatever it takes to do that.
What happened next, I was not prepared for:
I was shocked to feel resistance. The inner yes came much slower that I expected it to be. I knew that, in order to mean something and transform something, the yes had to come as loudly and quickly as a thunder in a thunderstorm that was hanging directly over my head:
“Do I want to live? – YES! BOOM!”
And it didn’t…
I didn’t want to die, but I was afraid of the changes I needed to make.
It felt like a huge undertaking.
A scary one.
If I really wanted to live, there could be no compromises, I had to find the best solutions for me.
I couldn’t cut corners, I couldn’t accept excuses.
And I realized that this had to be an ongoing, lifelong process without a finish line.
No wonder I was hesitant

Nida Kazmi and The Exponential You

NidaKazmi I wanted to interview Nida Kazmi for quite sometime. I like that she explores the topic of how to be a better man.

I also like that she was eating a low carb grain free pizza as I was interviewing her. 

This is a simulcast interview. You learn some about Nida and you will learn something about me. 

What makes this interview special is that Nida really open up about my life and we learn how Nida stays healthy and what drive her to help men better themselves. 

Please visit The Exponential You




Eager to be Healthy – Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone who listens and supports the show.  I need to take a break this week and slow things down to care for my families and my own health. 

Stay Healthy and Happy. Thanks-for-Listening-682x1024

Ernie Boxall is Balanced and Relaxed

Ernie is one of the first people I interviewed. He called in from the UK to join the show and it was allot of fun talking to a practical zen person. Ernie played soccer and rugby he was when younger. The sports damaged his joints yet one day a chance wrong turn promted him to try something new.

This show is all about quality of life, how to keep moving into old age, and how relax and be balanced.

Ernie Boxall Ti Chi

Eager to be Healthy – Crystal Collins – Want to be Vegan

Crystal Collins is today’s guest on Eager to be Healthy.  We talk about juicing, veganism, and raising healthy kids in a divided home. 

Crystal Collins

Crystal Collins

What do you do to improve the health and happiness of others?
I encourage people to get healthier through one-on-one sessions, public speaking, and through my website and online presence. I’ve written several ebooks on the topic of healthier living, with a huge focus on green juicing. I encourage people to make small steps each week to change their health, because it’s not always about being extreme or obsessed with every little thing that we eat or do. It’s about the daily choice to do small things that add up to a huge difference.
Do you have a story or an adventure from becoming healthy?
Through simple diet changes into eating healthier foods and staying active, I dropped from a size 16 down to s size 4. I didn’t do an extreme diet or hardcore fitness regimen to change my life, and the simple eating and activity has made all the difference in keeping the weight off and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
What are your interests and hobbies outside of wellness?
I’m a huge music and drama geek. I enjoy playing my guitar and singing. Aside from when I’m able to change someone’s health for the better, I never feel more fulfilled than when I’m on stage pouring out my heart in song. I most recently starred as Fiona in Shrek the Musical at the Rockmart Arts Center Theater.
What topics on the subject of improving health and increasing happiness can you talk about?
I can talk about fitness, healthier eating, juicing, smoothies, healthy beauty and skin care products, green home products, and raw clean eating.
Do you have products or services you wish to promote? If so what are they?
Sure! I’d love to promote my 21 day juicing challenge. http://naturalthrifty.com/21-day-juicing-challenge
Why do you feel your happy?
I’m happy because I live a whole health lifestyle. Toxins are everywhere: in food, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, and in the people that we allow into our lives. Removing the toxins is empowering and opens our minds to a higher level of thinking and mental health. When we are healthy with the foods we put into our bodies, with our physical fitness, and surround ourselves with beautiful people then we find a deeper level of joy and happiness.

Eager to be Healthy – Billy Ruggles – Link and Landmark

I met Billy Ruggles early in my transformation.   Mr Ruggles has his own health story. While living in MA he trained at Ludlow’s Team Link.

Bill is the one responsible for introducing me to Landmark Education  opening my mind to creating a new reality.  

My friendship with Billy has helped me grow allot.

I am blessed that he is my friend. 

Please enjoy the interview. 

And as always if you like the show please rate us on iTunes.

Billy Ruggles

Hawaiian Billy Ruggles


Eager to be Healthy – Robert Jones – Single Dad Dairies

Adversity is one of life best teaching skills.  Robert Jones had plenty dealing with his divorce, battling for custody of his son, and just raising a good man.

We talk about how he survived the process, how seeking help helped him, what values he wants to give his son, and how to cook for a small family. 

Robert Jones and his son

Robert Jones and his son

Is stevia an artificial sweetener?

Stevia is it good for you?

Stevia is it good for you?

I was asked today if I consider stevia an artificial sweetener.

This is my answer:

Yes stevia is a natural plant extract and since it occurs by normal definitions it is technically natural.


No stevia adds sweetness without calories the human body and this is abnormal for humans. So it is not natural. More importantly most stevia is flavoured to taste sugar like and therefore not pure stevia. 


The human body uses sweetness as the primary way to judge how much sugar is really in our food. 

Insulin is produced and released in to the blood stream based on this judgement and artificial sweeteners muck with the works.

If it produces to little your blood sugar spikes and you can experience diabetic complications like nerve damage.

If it produces to much your covert more of the sugar in your body as fat then normal, crashing your blood sugar,  prompting you to be hungry sooner.


Many people fixate on the toxicity of artificial sweeteners.

I think this complicates things and the answer is really much simpler.

When I work with someone I want to retrain their body to have a more normal insulin response to food while reducing the highs and lows.

The goal is to retraining your body to more perfectly respond to carbohydrate and sugars.


These sweeteners lie to our body. 

I recommend weaning off them as much as possible.

Since non-caloric sweeteners trick the body into thinking our food contains more sugar and calories.

This also will make your taste buds more sensitive real flavors. 


I have 3 goals when it comes to sweeteners.

1. To recalibrate you sweetness bias down so you will prefer your food less sweet.

2. To educate you body on how to better calibrate its response to starches, non caloric sweeteners, confuse that mechanism.

3. To encourage smart indulging of unrefined sweeteners. As the minerals removed from our sweeteners key to properly metabolizing it.


If you feel you still want to use stevia consider learning how to make your own.

Eager to be Healthy – Jenny Drescher – Fear, Faith and Improv

What can improv teach us about transcending fear?

What can improv teach us about faith?

What personal freedom does knowing improv give us?

How does that personal freedom lead to happiness?

And as always where there is happiness health can be found.

Meet my friend Jenny Drescher she teaches improv as way to discover more personal choice.

Check out her website here: www.bridgetochoice.com

bridge to choice

bridge to choice

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